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At MRL, we are specialized in Materials information. We record materials' information via microstrucure characterization and thermomechanical testing. We extract material information from recorded data using our proprietary informatics tools. We database and data mine the material data and metadata for customer needs. Our software and materials characterization and testing are crucial elements for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and the Materials Genome Initiatives (MGI).

Our services and products can be categorized as customized user-friendly:

  1. Design tools that optimize performance of final products by rigorously accounting for inherent
    anisotropy exhibited by the material
  2. Process design tools for materials manufacturers to meet prescribed macroscopic properties by
    tailoring microstructures
  3. Quality control tools for process engineers to quantify microstructure variations through each
    step in the manufacturing process
Simultaneously building the Integrated Computational Materials Resources Lab (ICMRL) by collecting high quality data in house (Services) to be integrated into physics-based modeling codes (Software).
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